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Roy’s Restaurants achieves 800% ROI with mobile services only campaigns and hyperlocal advertising

Wednesday, December 8, 2010 | 8:07 AM

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Roy’s Restaurants has landed on a recipe for success with Google Mobile Ads.
By using hyperlocal advertising and creating mobile services-only AdWords
campaigns, Roy’s was able to drive 40% more calls and ultimately more
customers to their stores. Read more to learn how Roy’s and its agency,
G&M Plumbing, have implemented mobile best practices to achieve an
800% ROI.

In 1988, James Beard Award-winner Roy Yamaguchi opened the first Roy’s in
Honolulu, Hawaii. Multi-ingredient fusion dishes, a spacious dining
room, an expansive lounge, and a signature exhibition kitchen in full
view defined the experience.  Today’s Roy’s 31 restaurants cater to
diners celebrating a special occasion as well as business travelers
looking to wind down.

Getting started with click-to-call mobile ads
Based on substantial success with Google AdWords, G&M and Roy’s began
looking for new ways to increase marketing returns and create meaningful
connections with customers. Together, they determined that customers
who call the restaurant will frequently make multiple reservations and
that a growing number of people prefer to use their phones to secure a
dining spot. With a goal of increasing phone reservations, Roy’s
extended their desktop click-to-call location extensions
campaign to the mobile platform. As a result,  call volumes grew and
the company became curious about what they could do to further maximize
calls and returns. 

Creating mobile-only campaigns and implementing mobile best practices
Roy’s and G&M subsequent steps are a great example of how to maximize
returns by advertising on mobile devices with Google. First, the duo
created a national, mobile-only campaign that enabled them to budget,
bid, target, and track their mobile performance separately from their
desktop AdWords campaigns. Next they employed aggressive bids to
increase the chances of their ads appearing in the top positions – an
important consideration for advertising on mobile because of the phone’s
smaller screen size.

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Harnessing the power of hyperlocal advertising
In addition to mobile-specific campaigns, Roy’s also took advantage of Google Mobile Ads’ new hyperlocal advertising feature which serves locally relevant ads and displays distance information to help users understand how close they are to a business. The hyperlocal
functionality of the ad format immediately enabled the company to better
target on-the-go customers searching for the closest Roy’s Restaurant

Reflecting on the experience with hyperlocal ads, Jason Maloney, Vice President of
Marketing for Roy’s said, “With Google’s hyperlocal mobile advertising,
we were able to target our potential guests at their point of need.
Mobile searchers looking for dining options could effortlessly see how
close they were to a nearby Roy’s Restaurant and the click to call
function allowed for instant reservations. Our hyperlocal mobile-only
campaign drove a 40% increase in calls with a CPC 67% less than desktop
ads.  The numbers are impossible to ignore. We have to invest in
hyperlocal mobile advertising as part of our long-term growth strategy.”

Reaping exponential returns
Roy’s was able to achieve click-through rates 539% higher on mobile than on
desktop by investing in mobile-specific campaigns and hyperlocal
advertising. And Scott Dunagan, Director of Digital Marketing at G&M
Plumbing believes this is only the beginning of the mobile advertising
returns for Roy’s, “With Google Mobile Ads we saw an 800% return on
investment on our mobile-only campaigns, roughly doubling our ROI from
when we had blended mobile/desktop campaigns. Google Mobile Ads have
allowed us to reach our target consumers and enable them to transact
with us in much more effective ways than any other medium. It’s all
about giving the end user all the information they need within the ad.
With Google mobile-only campaigns we are seeing tremendous results.”

It’s your turn to determine how to best apply similar techniques to your own
business, moving you toward affordable SEO and mobile services.