Web Site Uptime Monitoring

Web Site Monitoring – starting at $18.90/bi-weekly

– Your site will be continuously monitored for up-time.

– Your site will not be unavailable beyond the interval that you select without your being notified via email, phone & fax, as soon as that condition is notified to us.

– You will be notified through email, phone, fax when the site is restored to availability.

– You will receive a weekly report of the up-time condition of your site, in any event of up-time or down-time.

– To test your site monitoring, you will have the ability to simulate a downtime condition as a means of measuring the time of failure to time of notification and restoration.

* Weekly monitoring report, site failure notification, interval downtime notification, site recovery, simulated failure notification

* Silver Monitor – 30 minute intervals. $18.90, bi-weekly.

(Included as a complimentary feature with any other service exceeding one month)

* Gold Monitor – 15 minute intervals. $38.90, bi-weekly.

* Platinum Monitor – 5 minute intervals. $99.95, bi-weekly.

Contact for info – Subject: Monitoring leadconsultant@visionassocllc.com



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