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“I can’t stop telling my friends about the great work done for my florist business by Vision SEO Mobile Services. I expected some help getting my website to show up more prominently with the search engines, but I never anticipated how much it is possible to draw targeted local traffic through web and mobile ads. A guy walking by on the street actually walked into the store after it popped up on his Blackberry last month. This is the kind of immediate, relevant advertising I could never hope for with local print ads.”

– Eugene Y. Port Charlotte, FL


“I make wedding cakes for local brides out of my home. While my business has been pretty much word-of-mouth, these days, everyone has a web site, so I put one together for my business a few years ago. Though I put a fair amount of time and effort into it, I’m not sure anyone ever saw the darn thing! Within one month of hiring Vision SEO Mobile Services, I had more orders than I could handle. I turned business away for the first time ever! When they say that they can get you noticed, they’re not kidding!”

– Suzanne W. Kansas City, MO


“I have a pretty narrow niche – I design and install solar electric systems for homes in rural New England – especially remote camps and houses that can’t get to grid power. Because of the kind of work I do, many of my potential clients are outdoor enthusiasts from out of state – a hard group to hit with any traditional advertising campaign. Vision SEO Mobile Services are the consummate professionals, though, and put together a really powerful campaign for me. I’ve been able to stop doing small electrical jobs around town to make ends meet, and can now focus on the creative and exciting work that I love to do.”

– Dan C. St. Albans, VT


Other Former Client Sites

The Slatter Law Firm

Ranked #1 & #2, Google Page #1 from over 59,300,000 results

for the phrase ‘georgia estate planning small business’


Chevrolet Avalanche Accessories (former site)

Ranked #10, Google Page #1 (link) and #1 & #4 (videos) from over 1,620,000 results

for the phrase ‘Chevrolet Avalanche Accessories’


Natraburst Superfoods Blend (distributor site to feed main site) (former site)

Ranked #1 & #20 (links) & #6 & #13 (videos), Google Pages #1& #2

from over 84,700 results

for the phrase ‘Natraburst Superfoods Blend’


Weather Report Financial Advisor Blog

No ranking was requested for his site for client


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