vs. what Google supports: Know the difference produces, maintains and promotes structured data for site owners to mark up their content with. Search engines may choose to support structured data markup so that they can provide users with enhanced search results. However, search engines like Google don’t support the full gamut of structured data types.

“All the schema that we work with is on the developer documentation,” explained Daniel Waisberg, search advocate at Google, acknowledging the gap between all the structured data types available from and the types that Google currently supports. Site owners are free to mark up their content with whatever structured data they feel is appropriate, but Google will only show rich results for the ones listed on its site for developers.

Even when structured data is implemented the way you want, warning messages may still display within Google Search Console (GSC). During our first Live with Search Engine Land session, Merkle’s Alexis Sanders, Path Interactive’s Lily Ray and Pedro Dias of APIs3 shared their frustrations over the warnings and the feature they wish Google would add to GSC.