2013 PREDICTIONS: Security Threats to Business, the Digital Lifestyle, and the Cloud

At Trend Micro CTO, the research team has once again evaluated 2012 risks and compiled the top threats for mid-sized firms in 2013. This assessment leverages the analyses of 1,000 threat researchers across the globe at Trend Micro. In 2013, managing device security, systems and networks will be more complex than ever before for mid-sized firms.

Organizations require a custom defense to protect intellectual property and business information as they embrace consumerization, virtualization, and cloud platforms. Cybercriminals and other threat actors will capitalize on risks to gain profit, steal information, and sabotage operations. Medium businesses are not immune and have assets and intellectual property hackers desire.
Here’s a sneak peek at a few of the threat predictions for 2013:

• Targeted attacks increase in sophistication.
• Volume of malicious Android apps hit 1 Million.
• Data breaches will remain a risk.
• Security threats will arise in unexpected places.



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