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Malware from B to ZMalware from B to Z : Inside the threat from Blackhole to ZeroAccess

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Drive-by downloads on the web are nothing new—these attacks exploit a user’s browser to distribute malware and steal data.  The most popular drive-by malware we’ve seen recently is called Blackhole. It’s a crimeware kit that allows cybercriminals to deliver malicious code and carry out sophisticated attacks like the ZeroAccess threat – a kernel-mode rootkit.

Join Richard Wang, Director of Threat Research at SophosLabs to learn how hackers are using Blackhole and ZeroAccess together to compromise your security. Richard will discuss the following:

  • How these threats work from compromised site to infection
  • How crimeware kits are developed, bought and sold
  • The money behind this malware
  • Protecting against these types of attacks

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