Fauxpersky Keylogger Malware Stealing Passwords from Windows PCs

Cybercriminals are quite innovative, to be honest; they are always coming up with unique ways of exploiting Windows-based systems. According to the findings of Boston-based cyber-security firm Cybereason, one of their newly identified techniques involves using keylogger malware that exploits AutoIT or AutoHotKey (AHK).
Fauxpersky Malware Spreads via malicious USB drives

The malware, dubbed by Cybereason researchers as Fauxpersky, is though not as sophisticated as some of the recently discovered malware but it can efficiently steal passwords from Windows systems. It is spread via infected USB drives.



How to Accidentally Stop a Global Cyber Attacks

A fresh wave of infected emails is swirling around the globe, carrying a nasty ransomware payload.

So finally I’ve found enough time between emails and Skype calls to write up on the crazy events which occurred over Friday, which was supposed to be part of my week off (I made it a total of 4 days without working, so there’s that). You’ve probably read about the WannaCrypt fiasco on several news sites, but I figured I’d tell my story.


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Drive-by downloads on the web are nothing new—these attacks exploit a user’s browser to distribute malware and steal data.  The most popular drive-by malware we’ve seen recently is called Blackhole. It’s a crimeware kit that allows cybercriminals to deliver malicious code and carry out sophisticated attacks like the ZeroAccess threat – a kernel-mode rootkit.

Join Richard Wang, Director of Threat Research at SophosLabs to learn how hackers are using Blackhole and ZeroAccess together to compromise your security. Richard will discuss the following:

  • How these threats work from compromised site to infection
  • How crimeware kits are developed, bought and sold
  • The money behind this malware
  • Protecting against these types of attacks

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