21 Actionable SEO Techniques That Work GREAT in 2019

Want more traffic from Google?

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Because today I’m going to show you the exact SEO techniques that I use to generate 207,314 unique visitors per month.

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All of these proven strategies are working GREAT in 2019.

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And here are the tactics you’ll learn about in this post.

1. Optimize Your Site for Google RankBrain
2. Discover Untapped Keywords on Reddit
3. Update, Upgrade and Republish Old Blog Posts (This Increased My Traffic by 111.37%)
4. Copy Adwords Ads to Make Killer Title and Description Tags
5. Find Broken Link Building Opportunities on Wikipedia
6. Steal Your Competitors Best Keywords
7. Optimize Your Content to Maximize “Shareability”
8. Link Out to Authority Sites
9. Send Link Juice to Pages Sitting on Page 2 or 3
10. Add This One Word to Your Outreach Email…and Increase Your Response Rate by 45%
11. Write Mini Blog Posts for YouTube Descriptions
12. Optimize Content For “Semantic SEO”
13. Embed Long Tail Keywords In Title Tags
14. Hack Wikipedia for Keyword and Topic Ideas
15. Use “Best of” Lists to Find Awesome Link Building Opportunities
16. Publish Content With At Least 1,800 Words
17. Remember the “First Link Priority Rule”
18. Create Your Own Keywords
19. Find Undiscovered Keywords With This “Underground” SEO Tool
20. Find Niche-Specific Link Building Opportunities Using Flippa
21. Use The Google Search Console to Get More (Targeted) Traffic
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How to Accidentally Stop a Global Cyber Attacks

A fresh wave of infected emails is swirling around the globe, carrying a nasty ransomware payload.

So finally I’ve found enough time between emails and Skype calls to write up on the crazy events which occurred over Friday, which was supposed to be part of my week off (I made it a total of 4 days without working, so there’s that). You’ve probably read about the WannaCrypt fiasco on several news sites, but I figured I’d tell my story.


2010 was quite a year in SEO Services! Don’t expect 2011 to slow down.

Bookmark and Share Published Thursday, December 30, 2010 9:41 PM by Patrik Runald

With regard to affordable SEO services, or search engine optimization for web site ranking, 2011 will bring an entirely new set of threats designed to strip organizations of confidential information and exploit users. Leading the charge will be a series of blended threats…

First, expect Stuxnet sequels. Because it takes a substantial amount of time to develop advanced persistent threats like Stuxnet, we predict similar exploits will be carried out once or twice in 2011.

Second, companies will struggle to stay secure while covering more ground. Today’s threats continue to morph based on where/how companies do business. Blended threats (like Zeus and SpyEye) will continue to evolve and use a variety of delivery methods. Malicious content is no longer binary files delivered in attachments; it is script-based or embedded within rich media. As our previous Insights post referenced, many threats spread rapidly through social media. This is going to continue be a challenge as 13 percent of all Web traffic is going to Facebook and this number continues to increase as more businesses use social media.

While many cybercriminals are nearly 100 percent focused on stealing corporate data to make money – most IT professionals don’t have the bandwidth to personally secure every Web page and email employees use. 52 percent of data-stealing attacks were conducted over the Web and another nine percent happened over email last year.

In 2011, strained IT departments will need to defend more territory and allow more Web access, despite increasingly sophisticated threats. Cybercriminals know that legacy technology simply looks for the signature or reputation of threats that are known, which is why they are so successful at exploitation.

And finally, we anticipate malware exploit kits will add zero-day vulnerabilities faster, increasing their use in drive-by download attacks. As more targeted attacks are researched, more zero-day vulnerabilities will be discovered. Blended threats are ever-evolving and tested by cybercriminals on anti-virus before they are released. Our research also showed the prevalence of the threats currently out there. Users of the top 1,000 sites are only two clicks away from malware at any given time. And, we saw a 111.4% increase in the number of malicious websites from 2009 to 2010.

The reality is security needs to be designed for the way we do business. Data loss prevention and up-to-the-minute threat protection will become increasingly more important as organizations work to keep malicious content out and corporate information in your affordable SEO services.

To see our Websense Security Labs recap of 2010, please visit http://www.websense.com/content/threat-report-2010-introduction.aspx

So, What Approach Should I Take To Benefit From SEO?

If you want your website or blog to feature on top of every important engine search, then it is vital that you learn various Search Engine Optimization [SEO] tricks that can ensure that your Website beats the hundreds of thousands of other websites to the post.  Here are some valuable tips on learning how to SEO.

– The first and foremost tip is to understand the manner in which search engines work. They do not understand graphics, but instead depend on matching the words in the search criteria with the keywords that might be present in your website.

Therefore, you should make it a point to include as many keywords and key phrases as you can into your website. Imagine the different key phrases that your viewers might type into the search boxes and try to incorporate them into your site. Even if you have included photos in your site, make it a point to attach text tags to those photos so that the search engines can understand them.

– Your key phrases should also be mentioned in the URL and other related file names since search engines look in them. The title tag, which is on the top of your html document, should contain the relevant key phrases as should your meta description tags. Your description tags will not be seen in your website but will be featured in text form when search engine display their results. Thus, it is important to include phrases that entice the readers towards your website in your description tags. Although it is important to remember not to just dump the same keywords and phrases in your URL, title and description tags and your file names since most search engines will interpret that as spamming and just reject your site. Instead, try to incorporate various related words that are similar to your keywords.

– It would also be a good idea to check your standing after conducting some dummy searches through various search engines. This will give you a chance to fine-tune your keywords and key phrases. During this search, also try to find out the standing of your competitors and try to analyze the reason for their success in case they are placed above you. You should also ensure that your site’s internal links are cross-linked perfectly since search engines will find it easy to latch on to the right page. Another important tip is to continually add fresh content to your website since this will please both search engines and even your visitors. The chances of your website getting bookmarked will also increase if you keep on providing fresh information.

– Patience is the key since once you have made the necessary changes to your website, it will still take some time for search engines to recognize that fact and push you up the search ladder.

– Make sure that your body copy is curtailed to around 300 words and that your keywords and key phrases are injected at regular intervals instead of just bunching them at the top or bottom.

If you keep these tips in mind and wait patiently after making all the necessary changes to your website, you should be pleasantly surprised to watch the search engines lock on to your site during any related search. Try out various new methods to ensure that your site remains on top since your competitors too will be doing their best to jump over you.

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Real Estate Hunters Turn to Mobile Services

Putting to rest any doubts about the importance of its mobile services apps, real estate search website Trulia found that the percentage of its online visitors — who also used its app — was as high as 46% in some cities last month. The just-released study is further evidence of the growing mobile web, which Morgan Stanley recently predicted will eclipse the desktop web by 2012.

Real Estate Hunters Turn to Mobile.

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Roy’s Restaurants achieves 800% ROI with mobile services only campaigns and hyperlocal advertising

Wednesday, December 8, 2010 | 8:07 AM

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Roy’s Restaurants has landed on a recipe for success with Google Mobile Ads.
By using hyperlocal advertising and creating mobile services-only AdWords
campaigns, Roy’s was able to drive 40% more calls and ultimately more
customers to their stores. Read more to learn how Roy’s and its agency,
G&M Plumbing, have implemented mobile best practices to achieve an
800% ROI.

In 1988, James Beard Award-winner Roy Yamaguchi opened the first Roy’s in
Honolulu, Hawaii. Multi-ingredient fusion dishes, a spacious dining
room, an expansive lounge, and a signature exhibition kitchen in full
view defined the experience.  Today’s Roy’s 31 restaurants cater to
diners celebrating a special occasion as well as business travelers
looking to wind down.

Getting started with click-to-call mobile ads
Based on substantial success with Google AdWords, G&M and Roy’s began
looking for new ways to increase marketing returns and create meaningful
connections with customers. Together, they determined that customers
who call the restaurant will frequently make multiple reservations and
that a growing number of people prefer to use their phones to secure a
dining spot. With a goal of increasing phone reservations, Roy’s
extended their desktop click-to-call location extensions
campaign to the mobile platform. As a result,  call volumes grew and
the company became curious about what they could do to further maximize
calls and returns. 

Creating mobile-only campaigns and implementing mobile best practices
Roy’s and G&M subsequent steps are a great example of how to maximize
returns by advertising on mobile devices with Google. First, the duo
created a national, mobile-only campaign that enabled them to budget,
bid, target, and track their mobile performance separately from their
desktop AdWords campaigns. Next they employed aggressive bids to
increase the chances of their ads appearing in the top positions – an
important consideration for advertising on mobile because of the phone’s
smaller screen size.

click to enlarge image

Harnessing the power of hyperlocal advertising
In addition to mobile-specific campaigns, Roy’s also took advantage of Google Mobile Ads’ new hyperlocal advertising feature which serves locally relevant ads and displays distance information to help users understand how close they are to a business. The hyperlocal
functionality of the ad format immediately enabled the company to better
target on-the-go customers searching for the closest Roy’s Restaurant

Reflecting on the experience with hyperlocal ads, Jason Maloney, Vice President of
Marketing for Roy’s said, “With Google’s hyperlocal mobile advertising,
we were able to target our potential guests at their point of need.
Mobile searchers looking for dining options could effortlessly see how
close they were to a nearby Roy’s Restaurant and the click to call
function allowed for instant reservations. Our hyperlocal mobile-only
campaign drove a 40% increase in calls with a CPC 67% less than desktop
ads.  The numbers are impossible to ignore. We have to invest in
hyperlocal mobile advertising as part of our long-term growth strategy.”

Reaping exponential returns
Roy’s was able to achieve click-through rates 539% higher on mobile than on
desktop by investing in mobile-specific campaigns and hyperlocal
advertising. And Scott Dunagan, Director of Digital Marketing at G&M
Plumbing believes this is only the beginning of the mobile advertising
returns for Roy’s, “With Google Mobile Ads we saw an 800% return on
investment on our mobile-only campaigns, roughly doubling our ROI from
when we had blended mobile/desktop campaigns. Google Mobile Ads have
allowed us to reach our target consumers and enable them to transact
with us in much more effective ways than any other medium. It’s all
about giving the end user all the information they need within the ad.
With Google mobile-only campaigns we are seeing tremendous results.”

It’s your turn to determine how to best apply similar techniques to your own
business, moving you toward affordable SEO and mobile services.